Chana and Gloria 1972

In 1974, Chana interviewed her mother in the studio of the radio station KPFA-FM in Berkeley.

Two years prior to the KPFA interview, Chana’s mother Gloria had revealed the secret of her affair with another married woman when Chana was a baby, and how psychiatric treatment aimed at converting her to heterosexuality had led to her suicidal despair.   Yet this interview was the first time Chana got to hear such a detailed narrative of her mother’s life.  It was a profound, intimate moment.  Such a revelatory discussion also fit the historical time of the women’s and gay liberation movements, when consciousness-raising sessions and sharing stories was considered a transformative, collective act.  Gloria declares: “I think that young people today who are coming out are really lucky that they are able to be themselves.”  The interview was broadcast throughout northern California.

Listen to excerpts of her interview here


Chana Wilson was interviewed by Marilyn Pittman on “Out in the Bay” on KALW 91.7FM.

You can listen to her half-hour interview here